John Gormsen E shop.

Discover the artistic world of John Gormsen.

Who we are?

The artist.

John Gormsen was born in Odense, on October 22, 1964, in Denmark.

His work, subtle colors enhanced by surprising appositions of precious metals.

Its artistic expression is neat and based on harmony and aesthetics. 

Discover his paintings and other creations here, on his website or at the gallery in Avignon.


Share with you the creative world of the artist, both in terms of pictorial as well as the design and decoration of your interiors and this from your home without you having to come and see us in Avignon. 

The Gallery.

Located in the historic heart of Avignon, on the beautiful St. Peter's Square, you can discover in a pitoresque setting, its workshop, the gallery and the design shop.

The service.

It is possible to order and buy works and objects according to your desires for colors, atmosphere and formats, respecting the collections and the artistic creation of the artist.
Any purchase on this site can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Our requirements.

All the works presented on this site are all original works.

The artist to express himself in his art is anxious to find to select and choose the best materials and materials:
The canvases are made of linen.
The frames are made of wood and custom-made.
Acrylic pigments and chines inks mixed for the final colours are chosen with the utmost care and attention.
The precious metals used on the canvases come from a gold drummer, supplier of the monuments of France and are in 200 microns of minimum thickness.
UV and corrosion protection varnishes are of professional quality and are selected to ensure the colours of pigments, the radiance and brilliance of precious metals over time.

Whatever the works in the different collections, they are all made with the greatest EXIGENCE.